The Best Solar Inverters For RV’s (2020 Ultimate Guide)

Finding the right solar inverter can be challenging. Luckily we compared the top 7 models on the market for you!

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Solar energy can be generated anywhere the sun shines, which makes it perfect for recreational vehicles.  By installing some high-quality solar panels on the roof of an RV, you can go off of the grid for longer by harnessing and using a continuous supply of solar power. 

It’s not all about the panels, though.  Whenever solar panels generate electricity, it is produced in a direct current (DC).  In order to use the energy to power most of your plug-in devices like televisions, power tools, and refrigerators, you will need to convert the electricity to an alternating current(AC).  This is done with an inverter.

Finding the right solar inverter can be challenging.  Inverters come in all shapes, sizes, price points, and capabilities.  Plus, there is no “one size fits all” solar inverter solution.  

So what are the best inverters for RV solar power systems?  Well, we’ve compiled this list to help you narrow down your choices and find the best solar inverter for your RV.  

  1. The Giandel 2200 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Charge Controller
  2. The BESTEK 2000 Watt Power Inverter
  3. The Upgraded Ampeak Power 2000 Watt Inverter
  4. The Giandel 1600 Watt Power Inverter
  5. The MAXOAK Bluetti Power Station 
  6. The Krieger 2000 Watt Power Inverter
  7. The LVYUAN 1000 Watt Power Inverter

The Best Inverter for RV Solar: The Giandel 2200 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Charge Controller

Through extensive research and testing, The Giandel 2200W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Charge Controller is the best overall solar inverter for RV applications.  It can be used in a wide range of systems and comes with premium features.  

About The Giandel 2200W Inverter

Overall, the Giandel 2200W Inverter is a high powered solar inverter that is extremely capable in handling both large amounts of solar input and high amounts of electricity output.  If you want a strong, reliable inverter with plenty of room for expansion, then the Giandel 2200 Watt Inverter is perfect for your setup. 

Before we get into the details of this device’s capabilities, it is important to highlight the fact that it comes with a 20 Amp solar charge controller.  Although it is not made with the most advanced technology, this inverter’s internal PWM solar charge controller will prevent damage to your battery without having to purchase an additional item.  Although it can be used for a variety of things, the Gindel 2200W was clearly built with solar energy in mind.

The first thing to note is how easy this device is to use.  The LED display, paired with the included remote control, makes the Ginadel 2200W extremely user friendly.  The package also comes with a cooling fan and is made out of durable, long-lasting material.  There is a manufacturer’s warranty of 36 months upon purchase, which despite only lasting for 3 years, is still pretty strong for a mid-size solar inverter.

Most importantly, however, this thing is pretty powerful.  For those who are truly “glamping” in their RV, the Ginadel’s 2200 watts of continuous power (4400 watts peak) should provide more than enough electricity for their devices.  This inverter can run your television, fridge, and maybe even a small AC unit in the heat of summer.  

The only downside to this device is that there is limited expansion on the amount of solar you can input.  The built-in solar charge controller is rated for 300W of solar power. Although this covers most small RV solar panel systems, if you wanted to have 4 or 5 100W solar panels, then you would need to upgrade your charger and inverter.  The price may also be a little high, if you are looking to build a very small, beginner array.


  • Built in 20A Solar Charger
  • High Power Output Ability
  • LED Screen & Remote Control


  • A Little Pricey
  • Restricted Solar Input

Our Score: 9.5/10

The Runner Up: The BESTEK 2000 Watt Power Inverter

Although it is not quite as powerful as the Giandel, our 2nd best solar inverter for an RV is the BESTEK 2000 Watt Power Inverter.  This highly capable inverter comes from a trusted brand at a great price.  

About the BESTEK

BESTEK touts themselves as “America’s leading power inverter brand,” and most of their online reviews actually do support that claim.  There is a lot to love about this machine, with only a few minor setbacks that keep it from the top spot on this list. This is a perfect RV solar inverter for someone with a tight budget.  

Upon first appearance, the BESTEK 2000 Watt inverter has a lot of strong positives going for it.  To begin with, the price is under $150 which is extremely affordable for the quality of the machinery you are getting.  The device comes with built-in low voltage and overvoltage automatic shut down systems and also has protection against AC overloads and overheating.  The unit has an aluminum frame, making it plenty durable for continuous use.

Secondly, owners of the BESTEK will enjoy its versatile uses.  The inverter comes with a handle and weighs less than 10 pounds.  The output panel contains three 110V AC outlets, so you can transport and power many devices in many different locations throughout your RV or campsite.  With 2000W of continuous use, you will be able to power many devices at once, and will only have to be cautious when running high powered machines like air conditioning units, toasters, microwaves, or blenders simultaneously.  

Unfortunately, because the price is so affordable, that means that the BESTEK 2000W solar inverter falls short on some of the bells and whistles included with higher-end models.  For starters, there is no remote control and the system lacks an input or output display screen. In order to monitor the performance of your inverter, having a display is crucial.  If your inverter is in a hard to reach place, or you simply don’t want to get out of bed to turn it off, then you will have to improvise without a remote control.  


  • 3 AC wall outlets
  • High Power Output Rating
  • Very Portable and Durable


  • Limited Features
  • Short Warranty

Our Score: 9/10

RV Solar Inverter 3: The Upgraded Ampeak Power 2000 Watt Inverter

Third on our list is an inverter that, on paper, could be mistaken for the BESTEK:  The Upgraded Ampeak Power 2000 Watt Inverter. This lightweight, high powered device comes with great features and capabilities.

About Ampeak Power’s Upgraded 2000W Inverter

As we alluded to above, this solar inverter can be closely compared to the BESTEK 2000 Watt Power Inverter.  They are both lightweight and can provide 2000 watts of continuous AC electricity through 3 traditional power outlets.  When you look at the price, Ampeak offers a standard option for under $150, however, we strongly recommend paying the extra pocket change and for the upgraded 2000W model with the remote control included

The Upgraded 2000W Inverter from Ampeak Power is an Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) certified piece of equipment that comes with an 18-month warranty.  It is designed to trigger its dual cooling fans once the unit reaches over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The AC outlets are also designed to be used independently of one another, which can help prevent power surging with quick user-controlled switches.  

Although it does not have a carrying handle, this small attractively designed device only weighs about 9 pounds, which makes it extremely easy to move around.  In addition to the 3 wall plugs, there is also a USB port perfect for charging small, handheld devices.  Keeping in mind the LED display and included remote control, the Upgraded Ampeak 2000W Inverter is one of the most user-friendly options available on the market today.  

This inverter does a great job to ensure a long-productive lifespan by protecting itself against low voltages, high voltages, short circuits, and overheating. In fact, it may do so well as to a fault, as some consumers report multiple shutdowns for reasons that cannot be explained.  Although this is done for good reason, it may be annoying if it is deployed falsely.

Secondly, the 18-month warranty is generous but is not the best among competitors.  Investing and installing a solar energy system on an RV takes time and money, so the less time spent replacing parts and components, the better. 


  • Many Options for Outlets
  • User Friendly
  • Good Price Point


  • Short Warranty Period
  • Questionable Performance

Our Score: 8.5/10

RV Solar Inverter 4: The Giandel 1600 Watt Power Inverter

Next on our list comes a small version of the solar inverter that claims the top spot.  The Ginadel 1600 Watt Power inverter is a great option for RV enthusiasts with low demand for electricity.  

About the Giandel 1600W Inverter

If you are one of the many RV owners that like to take the old camper out into the wilderness in order to escape the confines of urban life, then this solar inverter may be perfect for you.  The Giandel 1600 Watt Power Inverter comes with all of the function and premium features of the 2200W model, restricted only by the amount of continuous usable power.  

Besides the built-in solar charge controller, the Giandel 1600W inverter comes with all of the user-friendly features of the 2200W model.  The product comes with a free remote control, 2 AC power outlets, a USB outlet, and an LED Display.  It is built with the same sturdy, protective aluminum that will surely last long past the products 18-month warranty.  

The only downside to downgrading to this size is that you will have far less options in using your solar energy.  Although 1600W is still quite powerful by providing enough electricity to run most power tools, kitchen appliances, and electronic devices independently, it is likely not powerful enough to run multiple large devices at once.  If your AC kicks on while you are using a microwave, for example, this could lead to prolonged damage to the machine.

That being said, if you are only running a small number of devices off of your RV solar system, then 1600 watts will be plenty of power.  Happy campers can use lights, computers, TV’s, and other electronics completely worry-free.  If you break down the price of this inverter by the available continuous wattage, you would get roughly around 6.8 cents per watt.  This is right in line with some of the 2000 watt inverters available for roughly $30 more. 


  • Premium Features
  • User Friendly
  • Powerful Enough


  • Limited Power Options Available
  • Only 2 AC Outlets

Our Score: 8/10

RV Solar Inverter 5: The MAXOAK Bluetti Power Station 

Although it is not only just a solar inverter, no RV solar power list would be complete without mentioning the capabilities of a full solar generator.  The MAXOAK Bluetti Power station is a high-quality solar inverter that comes with the convenience of a built-in battery and solar charger.

About the Bluetti Power Station 

Among the many new solar generators or “portable power stations” that are rapidly coming to market, the Bluetti Power Station may in fact be the best option for RV solar panels.  The long-lasting, powerful plug and play system comes with maximum convenience at a premium price. 

If you were to look at the Bluetti objectively as solely a solar inverter, then you would think the price is outrageous.  With the 1500Ah model retailing at over one thousand dollars, it is by far the most expensive option on this list. Plus, the inverter is only rated at 1000 watts of continuous output, so it is also the least capable option we’ve introduced so far.  But the truth is, the convenience and capabilities of the Bluettii Power Station make it great for RV solar use.  

First of all, the Bluetti has a built-in 1500Ah lithium-Ion battery.  One of these alone will cost far more than the average solar inverter.  Lithium-ion batteries are designed to last longer than traditional lead-acid deep cycle batteries, so the Bluetti will not have to be replaced for a number of years depending on usage.   

Secondly, this generator comes with a built-in MPPT solar charge controller that can efficiently harness up to 500 watts of solar panel power!  Not only can this device be charged with solar panels, but in the event of bad weather, it can also be fully charged through your RV park’s AC electricity in about 9 hours.  

Unfortunately, all of the added convenience does overshadow the fact that 1000W may simply not be enough continuous electricity for most full or part-time RVer’s.  The Bluetti does come with 2 AC outlets, a DC plug-in, and a few USB ports for plenty of charging capabilities, but users will have to be careful with the number of devices they plug in.  Whereas this inverter is powerful enough to power a CPAP machine, it is not powerful enough to run some larger electrical devices. 


  • Extremely User Friendly
  • All in One, Portable Package
  • Long Life Cycle
  • Different Methods of Charging


  • Limited Continuous Output
  • Very High Price
  • Adapters May Be Required

Our Score: 8/10

RV Solar Inverter 6: The Krieger 2000 Watt Power Inverter

Our last high powered solar inverter for RVs on is the Krieger 2000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter.  This inverter is a very popular choice among people who value convenience over performance.

About The Krieger 2000W Inverter

Kreiger’s inverters are extremely popular and well-reviewed online with nearly 1,000 five star reviews on Amazon.  The company offers models from 1100W to 4000W inverters. The 2000W Inverter is the most reasonable size for RV solar energy systems. 

To start, the main difference between The Krieger and the previous five solar inverters on this list is that the Krieger is not a pure sine wave inverter.  For those that aren’t familiar with the technical side of electricity, Krieger’s 200W Inverter produces a modified sine wave which is not suitable to run some modern appliances and can lead to damages to your electronic devices. Whereas this kind of power may be suitable for infrequent or emergency use, full-time RVers may want to consider a pure sine wave inverter to prevent damage to their appliances. 

As long as you are careful with what you plug into it, the Kriegers 2000W inverter is perfect for most solar setups in RVs.  It has 2 USB plugs, 2 AC power outlets and can provide 2000 watts of continuous power. In most RVs, this should be more than enough capacity to run your mobile living space.  

There are also a lot of hidden bonuses with the Krieger.  It comes with a remote control, LCD screen, and a 3-year warranty on parts and performance.  That kind of guarantee paired with those premium features are really what make this inverter so popular, but are also what drives up the price a little bit.   At around $188 for the 2000W model, the price per watt of the Krieger is around 9.4 cents per watt, which is the highest on this list.  


  • Great Included Accessories
  • High Power Output
  • Great Warranty


  • Modified Sine Wave
  • Higher Cost per Watt

Our Score: 7.5/10

RV Solar Inverter 7: The LVYUAN 1000 Watt Power Inverter

Last on our list, we wanted to include a low budget solar inverter that would be great for first time DIY RV solar setups.  The LVYUAN 1000W Inverter is a low power, affordable solution for RV solar.

About the LVYUAN 1000W Inverter

RV’s can be expensive to buy and maintain, so it is completely understandable that a lot of people are trying to cut costs wherever possible when building their solar system.  The LVYUAN is a cheap alternative for RV owners that only need a limited amount of electricity.

At only $50, this 1000W inverter comes at the cheapest price per watt at only 5 cents.  It is the smallest sized inverter, tied with the one included in the Bluetti, only offering 1000W of continuous AC output.  Whereas this is likely enough to power most devices and electronics in an RV, users will have to be careful and closely monitor what is being run.  The surge, peak power wattage is rated at 2000W, which can protect against sudden electricity demand, but this device could quickly become damaged with prolonged high energy use. 

Another thing that makes the LVYUAN unique is that it only weighs approximately 2.1 pounds. It does not come with remote control, but with the right wire length, protection, and arrangement, this lightweight inverter could be an extremely portable solution.  

The output interface includes 2 AC wall plugs and a USB for charging small devices like phones, laptops, and tablets.  The unit is well protected against voltage, current, and temperature damages internally, while also being housed in a strong, durable aluminum shell.  The LVYUAN 1000W Inverter comes with 2 replaceable 40A fuses, which make it perfect for smaller solar charge controllers to safely generate usable electricity.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a small entry-level inverter for your RV’s first solar system, then the LVYUAN is a great choice for low budget, low demand scenarios.


  • Low-Cost Option
  • Efficient Charging System
  • Very Lightweight


  • Limited Power Output
  • No Remote Control 

Our Score: 7/10

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